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The Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Center (SESRIC) is a subsidiary organ of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC). SESRIC conducts research to develop cooperation for socio-economic development of the 56 member countries, organizes training programs, builds statistical databases and makes these studies available for member countries.


Turks Abroad and Related Communities was established in 2010 under the Prime Ministry of the Republic of Turkey. The main aim of the institution is to coordinate activities for our international scholarship students studying in Turkey with our citizens, cognates and relatives living abroad and to improve the services and activities carried out in these fields.


Since its foundation in 1979, the Ensar Foundation has been active in a variety of fields, in order to enrich the spiritual dynamics our people and to contribute to the development of science, ideology and morality. The Ansar Foundation is also specialized in the field of education.



Within the context of its organic law and other applicable legislation, TOBB aims, parallel to the developments elsewhere in the world and in its capacity of the highest level representative of the Turkish private sector, at ensuring unity and solidarity between chambers and commodity exchanges, enhancing development of the professions in conformance with general interest, facilitating professional work of members, promoting honesty and confidence in the relations of members with one another and with the general public, and preserving professional discipline and ethics.





The Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation of which name was changed in 2018 as in Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum, was established in 2004. Beside being a diplomatic mission which was accredited in Turkey centered in İstanbul, Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum is the head partner of OIC regarding the subjects of youth.  ICYF Member Institutions consist of The ICYF Member Institutions consist of leading national and international youth organizations from OIC Member States as well as Muslim minorities of non-Muslim countries. The ICYF aims to carry out advocacy for youth interests, while supporting sustainable development, promoting formal and informal education, strengthening moral values of young generations and engaging in dialogues among cultures and civilizations. The ICYF stands dedicated to serving the youth of the Ummah in implementing important initiatives based on the understanding that Muslim youth should embrace the roots of the rich legacy of Islamic tradition, while engaging with outstanding education programs to train them as successful world citizens that are optimistic, constructive and retain responsibility toward the Ummah and humanity at large.