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After you fill the form, there will show a “Thank You” message on the screen.


No, the system has only Turkish and English language options. Arabic and French languages wil be added in the following process.


Yes, you can do your internship during your study as long as your school approves.


The insurance can be made regarding the institution policy. It can change from one institution to another one.

Because the internship is a practice, which is executed during the study your insurance is expected to be provided by the university, in which you are studying at. You should inform OIC Intern regarding the problems you encounter with. By making solution-focused endeavours about the problems, alternatives are created by OIC Intern team.

-Necessary negotiations and procedure process are followed by OIC Intern team regarding your insurance problem to be solved. In this case, your internship placement process can prolong.

-Some institutions offer alternatives in their body in the scope of applied education/course attendee. Since the applied education/course attendee are not included in the scope of internship in these alternatives, the Insurance of Occupational Accidents and Professional Diseases is not compulsory. In case you have a difficulty with the insurance, through your request and the guidance of Office you will be taken into consideration in this scope.

You have the right to give up during the internship placement process. If your internship process is already started, you need to fullfil the sanctions, which the institution keep you responsible with. In addition, in case you give up, you will be excluded from the program and you will lose to participate into the program again.

By taking into consideration your sector and the department choices and also according to the informations you fill in the application form, the institution you are going to do your internship is determined by the International Internship Office of our program.

The program is open to any department.

The candidates who are graduated will not be taken into consideration.

Licence, post-graduate, doctorate students who are under 30 can apply for the program. The international students are preferably taken into consideration among the applications.

Because you will be an intern you do not need to have work permit. And you can have residence permit after you come to Turkey?

The international students are preferably taken into consideration among the applications. And in the first phase they will be only in İstanbul and Ankara.

To gain the right to have a certificate, you are obliged to participate into trainings along with the attendance to your internship. In addition, we demand you to make a study related to the sector, in which you are doing the internship by delivering it to OIC Intern International Internship Program.

The second phase studies have been continuing.

We, OIC Intern International Internship Office , provide you only the accomodation. Other costs ( transportation, plane ticket ex.) are supplied by the students.

Online interviews are made with the students who study outside of İstanbul.

Although the international students who are in Turkey are preferable you can apply for the program.

Our program does not supply any scholarship chance since it is an internship program.


Your internship term is arranged according to your availability and by taking the dates into consideration,which you inform the OIC Intern Office

Applications are only made through the applicaitons forms in

Yes, we evaluate them in the second phase. They can apply for it.

Because there is no way to do a second insurance transaction on the existing insurance your application will not be accepted.

You have the chance to do your internship from 1 month to 3 months. You also have the chance to make it longer.